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Article: 10 basic style rules that every woman should know

10 basic style rules that every woman should know

1. When you find your ‘look’, stick with it

While we’re all for experimenting, you will find that some of the most stylish men and women around the world work their outfits around one or two key looks. Find the look that you feel most comfortable in (jeans, shirt and blazer; nipped-waist skirt and blouse; leggings and oversized T-shirt) and build your wardrobe around this.


2. Try men’s clothing

You would be surprised what you pick up in the men’s department, whether it’s a fantastic oversized pinstripe shirt or a funky T-shirt that you can tuck into a skirt. Don’t let the gender on the label prevent you from experimenting.


3. Dress for your body shape, not the trends

Sometimes the trends can really tickle our fancy, but when we try a piece on it just doesn’t ‘fit’ with our style – this is okay! There’s an old saying which goes: ‘trends fade, style is forever’ – the most stylish people are those who are comfortable in their own skin, regardless of whether their outfit is ‘in’ or not.

4. Invest in good underwear

How many times have you ventured out in an amazing outfit, only to fall victim to the dreaded ‘double boob’ due to a poorly-fitting bra? If your underwear is right, the rest of your outfit will fall over it flawlessly, so make sure you spend the time and money on good knickers and bras.


5. Don’t ‘save’ your outfits

Okay, so there is a time and a place for a ball gown, but why keep some of your favorite pieces locked away in a drawer just because you don’t have an ‘occasion’ to wear them to? Create the occasion! Those leather leggings will look fabulous underneath a casual sweater, and that beautiful floor-length floral skirt will work perfectly with a plain T-shirt and sandals while doing the grocery shopping.


6. Accessories can transform a look

The best way to channel a trend in a chic and subtle way is to invest in good accessories. Take for example this season’s Grecian-goddess look: a simple maxi dress can be transformed with an arm cuff and a chunky gold necklace.

7. Your LBD is your best friend

Too often we are stuck for something to wear, or an outfit that we were so sure about just doesn’t work out. For those last-minute outfit dilemmas, your little black dress is your best friend. Not only is it a failsafe, classic look; but you can completely transform it simply by adding on some jewels and a pair of killer heels.


8. Buy clothes that fit you in the store

It may sound like a silly thing to say, but how many of us have purchased a pair of jeans or a dress in the hope that we will someday grow or shrink into it? There is no point in wasting your money on something that you can’t wear right away, or that you have to work to fit into! Buy clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel comfortable in the here and now.


9. Look after your investment pieces

Get those shoes heeled, bring that stunning winter coat to the dry cleaner’s as instructed, and keep those designer purses in their dust-bags when you’re not using them; if you’re going to splash the cash, you might as well get your money’s worth and make them last.


10. Make an occasional splurge

Sometimes you just can’t beat the comfort of an expensive pair of shoes, or the quality of a stunning leather bag. Don’t be afraid to spend the money on pricey pieces that you know will stand the test of time and take you anywhere.

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