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Founder’s Message

Founder Ndidi Obi

Ndidi Obi USA OBI is a brand , I created out my need and vision to obtain quality luxury products without the excessive cost . I needed and desired more from my favorite handbags and accessories.

Working in corporate America for many years, a good handbag, shoes and accessories were my favorites so I can look my best walking down the streets of NYC, NJ and my workplace office.

In 2019, noticing my bags were not made of the quality that I remembered from my childhood ,I set out to make a change. I made a promise to myself to bring quality and luxury to people who desire more! My goal is not to break the bank but make you appreciate luxury and quality in a refreshed way.

I love a good pair of sunglasses and have spent up to 700.00 US dollars on some. I decided to bring all of the quality from my favorites sunglasses to you at a reduced cost. I took my time worked with great people to ensure, I bring you products, I stand behind and products that you will love.

My handbags are designed by me and made with a manufacturer located in NJ who has been making handmade bags and accessories for the past 40 years. My sunglasses are imported from overseas but also designed by me. Currently we are in our second phase of pre launch with a select number of items .

Creating a new brand during a pandemic has brought many surprises roadblocks and lessons. Please extend my brand grace and favor as we grow to be your favorite new brand.

To check out pieces of the collection that are now available visit