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Article: Brand story (Repost)

Brand story (Repost)

I was told every great company has a brand story, what is yours? It was at this moment; I took the time to truly think about what was my story. During Christmas holiday of 2019, while facing the ocean view, my sister posed her brand story question to me and the following came to mind: What is my back story? What is my vision for this company? What is my vision for women who would want to wear these goods?

 I wanted to be real without telling my whole life's journey all at once. I figured it would bore you. Seriously, if I were to perish would my brand story still be relevant 200 years from now? Heaven only knows. All of these questions helped me to craft the story, I wanted to share with you.

The desire to build a brand that not only inspires but provides hope and insight to anyone who dares to live out their dreams.

May you find hope and inspiration in my vision for Ndidi Obi USA OBI.



 Check out my brand story below.

 Ndidi Obi is a strong passionate visionary, aiming to take women to the next level in fashion. Born in the wee hours of the night in a house.; Ndidi made her entry into a world full of endless possibilities.  

Though of Nigerian ancestry, she was born and raised in the United States of America. Ndidi’s interest of launching a luxury handbag line was first sparked in the late 80s; after falling in love with a Nigerian made leather handbag.

While working in corporate America, Ndidi desired to stay fashionable. Wanting to wear quality leather handbags that look and feel better with time was a must. Quality, class, and timelessness at affordable prices became the vision that bore Ndidi Obi USA OBI.Her mission strives "To bring the finest quality of luxury goods to people who desire more!” May you enjoy and love our product (s) just as much as Ndidi Obi.


Ndidi Obi USA OBI

Est. 2019







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