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Article: Italy It is!!!

Italy It is!!!

Colosseum Rome Italy



Let's close out the month of February and begin March with a recap of my visit to Italy. My goal is to bring you luxury, quality and timeless style at an affordable price.  I wanted you show you that process.Let’s face the facts leather is not cheap so deciding on what to pick and bring to market is strategic. The goal and vision is to have your products for years to come. I wanted to find out everything additional about leather that could shared . Off to Florence, Italy with a visit to the Pierotucci leather factory , I went. Check out the some parts of my tour with the video clips and images below



  • Every piece of the hide is unique so no two bags will ever look the exact same due to this

  • Lamb skin and cow hide are used the most to create bags, which one to use depends on the structure and design of the bag

  • Genuine Leather does not need to be cleaned for at least a minimum of 10 years

  • Buying leather is an investment that is not cheap

  • Leather’s appearance gets better with age

  • You can identify genuine leather by the look, feel, and smell

  • Quality leather pieces last for years to come

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