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Article: Mother’s Day Gratitude

Mother’s Day Gratitude

Mother's Day was always one of my favorite holidays. The act of giving and to the women that gave me life was always so special. The older I became; the bigger my mom's smile and excitement would get on Mother's Day. It was her favorite holiday.

One of her favorite gifts was always a new handbag and a fancy dinner. She taught me everything about quality and buying products that last. Since my mother passed, I've never enjoyed the holiday or celebrated it, since I'm not a mom. This year, I feel blessed and grateful to smile this holiday season. I know my mom, would have loved my current line along with the new colors and bags launching soon. I’ve adopted her favorite quote” You don’t have to spend a lot to look fabulous”.

In memory of my mother and her love for quality handbags enjoy this “MOTHER40" promo code 40% off all items with free express shipping in 48 states.
Happy Mother's Day!

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