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Article: This Christmas!

This Christmas!

Christmas 2020 having fun with Roxi

Here we are again, blessed to see another year and holiday. Christmas is approaching are you ready? I can't say that I am, it feels a little different with covid19 still roaring its ugly head.

I associate the holidays with the spirit of giving, mailing holiday baskets, catching up with friends and family. It is not Christmas without food; cheese wine, popcorn and everything else I don't need.

The best part is shopping for others and getting them things, I hope they like. Although this year, I'm not really feeling it.

The holidays are not always exciting for everyone, it comes with shelling out money and for others dealing with the loss of loved ones and depression. Remembering your loved ones are no longer around can be daunting.

A year after my mom passed we decide to start traveling to make the holidays feel better. We uncovered a lot of other families doing the same. So I know this Christmas will be hard for a lot of us due to covid19.

What can we do this season to stay sane?Considering my aim is to focus on the present and try to enjoy the moments within this season. I am going to make the most of this holiday eating and drinking with my family and friends. Honestly, I pray for 2021 to zoom in with us all being healthy and alive.

How will you be spending your holidays? Share your thoughts below.

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