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Article: Awaken Your DreamsAwaken Your Dreams

Awaken Your DreamsAwaken Your Dreams

I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic. Being on lock down with travel restrictions among most of the countries I’ve enjoyed visiting, brought me to thinking about dreams. I am not talking about sleeping dreams but dreams we all have as children, teenagers, and young adults.

Before we understand who we are, we dream about the future. We dream about who we want to become, when we grow up. Sometimes we even speak into existence as children, who we will become. Children are innocent and untainted by life's hardships and complexities. When they see the world, they envision endless possibilities; I was one of those children.

As a small child, I wanted to make handbags, become a writer, model, and lawyer.  During my teenage years, I wanted a fashion empire. As I grew older and finished college life got real and the dreams, I had as a kid, became just that dreams. Adult hood brought about a quest to pay my student loans, afford my own apartment and make a lot of money fast. How quickly did I learn life does not always go the way we plan. Once, I stabilized myself and felt comfortable with my place in life, it was nothing like I dreamed as a child. Did I have a fun? Yes! Was I able to support myself? Yes.

When, I thought about my childhood dreams it became a sore spot. I went on a spiritual journey to remove the distractions and toxins from my life. For once, I was able to listen, hear and feel.  I truly wanted to do all the things, I dreamed about as a kid and plotted on in college. Here I am, launching a luxury handbag and accessories line. This was the one dream that made it to adult hood. What were your childhood dreams? Are you ready to make any of your dreams a reality?

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